The Fischer Sisters
"Their emotions overwhelmed them.  They felt this was their connection to the father they hardly knew . . . " 

TERRY  & CAROL FISCHER were born into a life of music.  Their grandmother and great aunts belonged to a prominent vaudevillian act called The Locust Sisters.  Their mother, a torch-song vocalist, became Stan Kenton's first "girl singer."  Carl Fischer, their father, gained celebrity as a composer and arranger, and for the last twelve years of his life as conductor and pianist for Frankie Laine.  Some of his most celebrated compositions are We'll Be Together Again, You've Changed and It Started All Over Again.  They're all included on the sisters' new CD.  

It was only natural that the sisters follow in the family footsteps.  In 1963, their career began with a hit record, Popsicles and Icicles by the Murmaids, when the song rose to #3 nationally.  The Murmaids re-united a few years ago and have been part of the nostalgia craze since then.  

Throughout their lives the Fischer Sisters have been constantly reminded of their father's legacy - his songs having been recorded by major artists over the past fifty years.  Most recently, Joni Mitchell and Rod Stewart have recorded, respectively, You've Changed and We'll Be Together Again.  

The concept for this project began several months ago, when it was suggested to the sisters that they record Songs Our Father Wrote.  Although this idea appealed to them, they did not believe enough material existed to warrant an entire CD.  

On a lark, they began looking for additional material, not knowing what they might find.  A thorough search of the younger sister's attic revealed a tattered and torn briefcase belonging to their father, who died in 1954.  Upon its opening they were astounded by what they saw:  42 original songs in their father's own hand, all still well preserved.Their emotions overwhelmed them.  They felt this was their connection to the father they hardly knew.  

It is their hope to share these newly discovered treasures!

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